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World Languages - PLC


We completed the Native Speaker Leveling Rubric.


We discussed courses for next year and identifying how to level the Native Speakers. Our new SMART goal is to complete the leveling topic by next PLC.


Established the goal of creating standard academic vocabulary lists for all levels of language instruction and to (eventually) bridge these common words to other subjects such that students use the same words in the same day -Discussed the issue of balancing rigor with fair expectations for where are students are -Discussed the benefit of having cross-curricular units between language classes and English and Social Science classes


Last week we compared assessments between our department and with other schools. This week we discussed critical thinking development and best instructional strategies for teaching students to analyze ideas independently.


Jonathan presented a lesson highlighting technology integration with the new interactive whiteboard and art/history content. -The group discussed assessment practices and the issue of growth in the department and has made that a SMART goal for the 4th quarter


Working on power point presentations for tomorrow's cultural day.


Our cultural exchange SMART goal.


A common culture day for the foreign language department. - creating SMART goal and begin implementation.


Discussed rigor levels in French 1 and Spanish 1 Discussed Cultural Day.


We shared out warm up and introducing new topics to students activities. We created new SMART goals.


Discussed cross-curricular carry over concerns (citation, writing complete sentences, reading comprehension). Getting students to think critically and analytically instead of rote. Discuss the 1st semester surveys that were given to find out why they do not seek help.


We continued to discuss strategies on how we can get students to more consistently attend after school tutoring. We decided that to have a better strategy, we needed a better idea of what the problem was, so we began developing a questionnaire to give to students about their attitudes toward school and why they might not want/be able to come to get help.


We worked on developing and beginning a SMART goal revolving around getting more students to consistently attend after school tutoring. We want to create a system that will encourage middle of the road students to get help and master standards better.


We worked on the course outlines for Spanish native Speakers 1 and 2. We discussed shared student needs for intervention. We discussed grading and assessment.


Shared out Spanish 1 and French 1 Pre-benchmark project. Shared out Spanish 2 project. Discussed the spoken portion of the District Benchmark, the logistics of assessing it. Chris and Jonathan worked on their the Native-Speaker course outlines.


Jonathan and Chris - Worked the Native Speaker Course Outlines Robert and Sarah - Level 1 Benchmark Prep. work. Level 1 will be giving the District-wide Benchmark. Discussed the need for repetition and constant re-instruction of the content.


Native Speaker Course Outlines 1st Quarter common project - preparation for District Benchmark.


Set a date for the pre-benchmark. Write the Autobiography project and the pre-benchmark.


We discussed topic specific benchmarks.


Discussed getting students to speak the content language. Discussed needs for student recording to be able to assess. Jonathan showed us how to make google drive folders public so that students can access electronic(locked) versions of documents.


Discussed best practices: TPRS (Total Physical Response Storytelling)