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Special Education - PLC


Spartan bucks in Learning Center, Reward system in Opportunity, and students progess that are attending 9th block via Learning Center.


The team worked on caseload lists and updating students grades for after school intervention.


Team met with a group of Special Educators from Marina High School. They visited Seaside High School to observe the Learning Center for Resource students.


Evaluating student transcripts, updating student clusters in Gen Ed classes.


Progress grades were evaluated and students were assigned a 9th period class based on 3 or more low grades.


Team worked on student list for Cahsee. Making sure 9th period students are attending and working the entire time. Starting to double check student transcripts to make sure students are on track for graduation.


The team worked on interventions for students that are receiving multiple D's or F's. Students will be given an 9th period focusing on making up missing assignments, studying for tests, and keeping up with classroom assignments. Team also worked on processes for students taking tests in the Learning Center.

Planning for vocational training at job sites in the community.


Team worked on flagging students that had D's or F's and interventions to help these students raise their grades. Team will contact student's parents to inform them of after school tutoring and teachers will be emailed in regards to missing work the students can work on after school.


The team worked on strategies to help student engagement and raise grades. 9th Period students were discussed and ways to support them in the Learning Center. Cahsee student list was reviewed by team and students were identified that need accommodations.


The team continued to work on student Passports and push in support for the General Education environment. A process was also discussed on accommodations for test takers.


We discussed student clusters, proper placement of students, and after school tutoring.


We attended the Kurzweil Training at the District Office.


The team worked on IEP agendas, student clusters, & IEP caseloads.