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Social Studies - PLC


We had our Social Sciences "retreat" today and worked all day on creating common core performance tasks. We were successful at creating one performance task per quarter for eac of our non-AP preps: World Geography (2), World History (4), US History (4), Civics (2), Economics (2), PSychology (2), and Sociology (2). We are still working I just wanted to send this ASAP because I always forget


1. SMART Goal results from last one administered in WH and USH 2. Discussed grading policies and student transfers 3. Worked on next SMART goal


1. Creation of next SMART Goal 2. Discussed plans for upcoming peer observations...reiterated the use of "informal" observations are good too 3. Briefly discussed 2013-2014 master schedule preferences


1. Benchmark revisions for USH and WH benchmark #3 2. SMART Goal #3 analysis 3. Class roster adjustments for USH


1. Created the next SMART Goal quiz for WH and USH 2. discussed plans for an upcoming day to have a roving sub (hopefully Mr. T's "co-teacher" Mr. Bourgeois) so we can watch each other teach 3. discussed upcoming plans to begin our CST review program with all WH and USH students.


1. passed out and discussed the administration of benchmark testing for world history and us history 2. each PLC member looked at the finals for each prep and discussed the pros and cons of each 3. setup SMART goal tests for when we return from break.


1. Reviewed and edited district benchmark #2 for World History and US History 2. Discussed previously administered SMART goal test from US History


1. Best Practices discussion on reading of text material and holding students accountable (Mr. Messiter is having students in class with their textbooks and assessing their knowledge "on the spot") 2. WH: Mr. Garay shared his performance task for an upcoming unit that will get students working on a step-by-step writing task 3. USH: Mr Morales sat down with Mr. Tarantino and looked at Common Core standards for 11th grade ELA, Mr. T downloaded the Common Core APP (!)...all in an effort to lay the foundation for an upcoming performance task to be taught and administered on The Progressive Era in USH before Thanksgiving break.


The APWH/English II strand worked on a second SMART Goal for AP World History. Kevin and I developed a five-question quiz. Though a class with much content, APWH is focused on skills and the abiilty to connect thematic elements. This common formative assessment should assess the themes of the course.


1. Analyzed data from USH SMART Goal #2 from Mr. Messiter, Mr. Tarantino will be giving SMART Goal #2 Thursday and Friday (discussed pacing issues) 2. Began work on USH SMART Goal #3 3. Discussed pacing issues with WH and the delay in administering SMART Goal #2 4. Began work on WH SMART Goal #3.


We looked at data from Smart Goal Quiz #1 from World History and used it to inform the way we are going to reteach the questions that were most often answered incorrectly. we also worked on World History Smart Goal #2.


1. Arranged to use SALT form for peer observations.  2. WH Common formative assessment built and will be administered on 8/20/12 and 8/21/12 and data will be input and analyzed at next PLC; USH building CFA #1 3. Each prep working on a performance task to be administered in quarter 1.