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Science - PLC


We discussed placement lists for AP and honors class lists. Christine will discuss "issues" with Joan Kevorkian and the counselors. We also discussed the standards of rigor for AP and honors science courses.


Chem met with teacher from Marina to discuss AP work. Whole group discussion on master schedule and finals.


We discussed creation and expectations regarding finals.


Discussed review strategies, CST and grading policies.


Evaluated Benchmark 3 for Bio and Physics. Discussed strategies for upcoming CST's.


Discussed district changes to benchmark. Discussed plan to meet with other content alike teachers for next collaboration. Got update for common core math.


Biology discussed last common assessment. Whole group discussed affect of common core math on chemistry and physics approach to math concepts.


Analyzed benchmark 3 data. Discussed ways to help students with hard to get standards.


Looked at common sentence starters for lab reports to help guide students construction of conclusions. Made schedule for peer observations for next week. Discussed focus of peer observations.


Did a peer observation via video of Rachel's lesson and discussed.


We all worked on completing our finals. We discussed length and types of questions to include based on course standards.


We looked at Benchmark 2 revisions in our respective subjects. We discussed some improvement for students in lab write ups and improvement in Bio test scores. Tessa briefed us on upcoming changes in Math class common core labels.


Reviewed benchmark data to see what concepts students struggled in and possible reasons why.


We brought writing samples and categorized them according to our common core writing assessment rubric. We determined that a common student issue was disorganization and lack of a clear main idea. We discussed strategies to support our students in writing, including simple graphic organizers students could use on AP exams.


We got advice and direction for the district-wide focus on argumentative writing and how we can apply it to our science classes. (Thanks Loreen! :) We also discussed how we can then use the writing in our Science PLC group to come up with ideas to help improve student success in writing. We discussed setting up a plan to meet with content area like teachers from the other high schools.


We reviewed lab reports done in each class based on our common rubric and discussed areas of weakness and possible ways to help students do better. We also reviewed CST data.


Discussed doing peer observations in English classes when they present common core info. and made plans to review student lab report assessments using common rubric for next content specific PLC.


Analyzed use of lab report rubric designed during last PLC and made some adjustments. Next time we will be analyzing students written reports. We also discussed common core performance standards and agreed that we need some more guidance and education from the English department in developing the performance standards for our content areas. We will talk with English department and set up time to discuss. We will be making some peer observations in the next couple weeks.


Creating a common rubric for lab reports.