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Physical Education - PLC


Our department began the discussion on different components that will be integrated into next year's curriculum. We are in the planning phase of these components after a extensive reflection of this year's student achievement.


Our department put together a common assessment for our upcoming units in Physical Education.  We have observed each other throughout the course of the year in multiple units. The focus in each of those observations have been diverse from behavior management, to delivery of content and lesson set up.


We evaluated the swim unit progress and what the assessment could look like. We linked up with Seaside's Swim Club and got a copy of how they breakdown different levels of swimming. The goal is to incorporate different aspects of assessing the swimmers in are PE classes.


Our PLC team worked on developing objectives, assessments and standards to complete during our Swim Unit. We have recently installed white boards in the small gym, which enables to better display our daily objectives, standards, and simple to complex skill development sequence. We have also incorporated the use of video to better display how to properly perform the task at hand. Lastly, we discussed components and concepts that will be present in our common assessment following the swim unit.


Today's focus was getting the dates ready for the fitnessgram. In addition, we are integrating other Fitness concepts such as vocabulary, principles of training, and using the informal assessment by students checking and calculating their own heart rates right after activity.


Today we discussed what units we are going to quiz on that would allow for some formal assessments outside of the Fitnessgram. In addition, we discussed how are fitness days are going and what the performances are looking like between the Sophomores and Freshman.


Our team discussed the process on getting whiteboards installed into the small gym to display lesson objectives, outcomes, and standards. This will enable us to better communicate our daily objectives, outcomes and standards in a more concrete context.


We discussed how well the classroom management goals we set for our department this year are going. Getting students to engage in responding to start and stop signals within seconds of hearing the cue. The outcome is allowing for reduced instruction time and minimal transition time which ultimately ensures longer stretches of activity time. This same concept applies to the classroom as well, with similar outcome goals.