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Math - PLC


We created stations for each of the 6 chapters that will be covered on the final. We will use the stations to engage students in reviewing for the final.


Algebra I - We discussed our upcoming CFA concerning quadratics. Reviewed teaching strategies related to the use of the discriminant. Final review and resolution of the Algebra 1 Final Exam. It's now ready to go.

Geometry - Worked on getting the various versions of the Geometry 2nd Semester Final into Illuminate.

Algebra II - We reviewed the chapter 13 test. We discussed strategies for teaching the law of sines and the law of cosines.


Algebra I - We reviewed our Algebra 1 2nd semester final exam and have made several suggested changes for this year. We also reviewed next year's placements for our Algebra ! students.

Geometry - 2nd Semester Common Final, math placements for next year.

Algebra II - We went over the lists for student mathematics placements for next year. We discussed the criteria for placement into a particular course. We also discussed dates for summer work. We shared ways of teaching trig values for special right triangles in Algebra II.


Algebra II - We went over each of the released questions. We discussed ways to quickly review each question as we don't have much review time left. We talked about how to teach students to work backwards from the answers, eliminate wrong answers, etc. We figured out our pacing for Chapter 13 as well.


Geometry - Worked on making sure that ALL Geometry teachers had access to common assessments, discussed different approaches to current chapter, discussed particular students.

Algebra II - We discussed good test taking strategies to discuss with our students for CSTs. We discussed the review for the Chapter 9 test on conic sections that we will be giving in the next few days.


Algebra I - The Algebra 1 team went over the upcoming common formative assessment about polynomials. We decided which questions we wanted on the test, and how much each question will be worth. We also discussed the Polynomial Unit Post-Assessment, which will be given this Friday.

Algebra II - Ginger presented information from a PD that she attended over the break to the whole group. Tessa showed Cyd and me the website that she has created for her Algebra II classes. She is having them watch videos of her explaining the math to pre-teach an assignment.We also discussed strategies and pacing for our CST review.


Algebra I - Reviewed Real Number System Quiz

Algebra II - We wrote a review for our chapter 10 and 12 common assessments. She discussed strategies for teaching chapter 10.


Algebra I - We reviewed and made changes to the upcoming common formative assessment for the real number system to be given Friday. We also reviewed the post assessment for the real number system which will be given on Friday. We gave the pretest at the beginning of the real number system, and now are giving the post assessment so we should get an overview of what specifically our individual students learned and retained.

Algebra II - We compared out current math standards to the new common core standards. We wanted to prepare for our math department retreat on Monday. We discussed our results for the chapter 8 test. we also discussed strategies for teaching sequences and series.


Alg. 1 - We discussed various teaching strategies to help those students who are struggling in some basic math concepts. We reviewed and offered suggestions on the district benchmark for Algebra 1 #3.

Alg 2 - Went over 3rd quarter benchmark and 3rd quarter performance assessment. Made recommendations as necessary. Also looked at tickets out the door for Ch. 10 and 12.


Algebra I - We reviewed our first performance task given last week. We discussed student responses and our expectations for student responses. We made several small changes related to how we would score the task.

Algebra II - We worked on creating a probability activity lesson which centers around yahtzee. We came up with some crazy scenarios, some which we think will work in class and others that we will not use!


Algebra 1 - We discussed our upcoming common formative assessment, a 10 question quiz, and selected a performance task for our Algebra 1 students for this Friday.

Algebra II - We discussed our peer observations from this week. The Algebra II team worked on our scoring and partial credit for our Chapter 7 test. We also discussed strategies and pacing for chapter 8.


Algebra 1 - We discussed our first common formative assessment of the 2nd semester. This is the first math assessment our Algebra 1 students have taken where there was more than one correct answer. This did present a problem for our students because they are so used to finding one correct answer in math. We will continue giving our students some formative assessments where they will have to find more than one correct answer.

Geometry - Worked on Ch. 8 Common Assessment and Ch. 8 Quiz. Discussed times for peer observations.

Algebra 2 - We chose a performance task to give this quarter. We discussed strategies for teaching logarithms. Susan will observe Cyd and co-teach logarithms in Cyd's 6th period on Monday January 14. We discussed activities for our upcoming chapter on probability.


Austin and Cindy shared information from the Asilomar math conference. There are very effective websites being developed to assist student learning of key concepts. Ginger reviewed the use of a ticket out from one day to reinforce learning on the following day. She had students work in groups on the ticket out, then corrected them and wrote out new ticket ins? based upon the problems the students got wrong from the day before. Reviewed formative assessments and upcoming district benchmarks.


Common Core discussion: We need to be proactive when it comes to planning common core, either integrated or not. Some of our thoughts lean towards integrated, but there are certainly issues with integration based upon our materials. How can we use our materials, which we will have for another 5 years or so. That would take even more planning. State adoptions come every 7 years and we have recently adopted. Algebra 1 intervention discussion: 10th block class is progressing. Good attendance. Some students have made enough progress to get out, but at a slow rate. Almost half of our Algebra 1 students have some deficiencies in math. We reviewed our finals for the end of the first semester. Math department finals are being revised slightly from last year and will be submitted to the department chair by Friday.


We met as a whole math department first and had Linda Dilger from the MCOE discuss planning for Common Core. She is working with other districts who are seriously planning for what their math pathways are going to look like. We must articulate with middle school and begin to plan for full integration by 2015-2016. We also reviewed the grading of the district performance task. We then discussed our latest common formative assessment.


1. We met with Linda Dilger. She shared what she has seen while observing our classes. We discussed wait time, ticket out the door, think alouds, group work and language goals. 2. We met in smaller groups to review the second quarter benchmark tests given last year. We made recommendations for corrections and question deletions.


There is a different web site, similar to Khan Academy, to check out. Also the LA County Office of Education shares a lot of information on their web site that we can use to help support our students. We discussed the upcoming grading session scheduled for the performance tasks. We also discussed the actual performance tasks and noted how the geometry performance task seemed to be well designed and our students seemed to do well on it. We also discussed the future district benchmarks and performance tasks and will have to wait until all details are worked out. We discussed a bridge class between the Geometry students and the Algebra II classes. The Salinas High School District has begun to use this type of bridge class for some of their students. Also discussed angle of elevation!!!


Algebra 1 - We reviewed the upcoming Chapter 3 common assessment and decided we need to modify several of the questions. We also discussed several math skills our students need extra help with, including the use of integers and combining like terms, and discussed teaching strategies to help support their learning inn those areas.

Algebra 2 - We wrote a practice performance task to help prepare our students for the district performance task that will be given as a benchmark exam. We planned out when we will give both the practice and the district performance tasks. In our blocked classes we will give both next week, For the non-blocked classes both will be given after the break.


Doug Fisher training about gradual release. Asilomar Math Conference coming up after Thanksgiving. Math teachers interested in attending need to complete form and return it to Susan by the October break. The first district benchmark is not being required, though a performance task will be given. Some unknowns concerning future district benchmarks. There are plans for performance task grading after the October break offsite. More details to follow concerning all issues around benchmarks. Suggest we have Algebra 1 teachers and Geometry block classes take the district benchmark for our own use. Algebra 1 team discussed the upcoming performance task.


Les, Ginger and Linda debriefed the day. Linda and Les each taught one block of Ginger's classes, then Ginger taught one block, while the two others observed. The other members of the math department watched the debriefing discussion, then joined to ask questions and share good strategies.


Algebra 1: We began giving our students their first common core performance task today and we discussed student responses. We also discussed ways we can use supplemental materials to help prepare our students for common core performance tasks. We will review the next performance task and see if we can use parts of it in our daily warm-ups to help our students understand the new way they need to respond to this new way of assessing student learning.

Algebra 2: We discussed PLC Common Core workshops in SJ and SD. We created reports on Illuminateed to show last year's students CST performance levels. We discussed our students CST strengths and weaknesses from last year. We discussed the results of our Algebra II Chapter 2 test. Before next week we hope to find a 2nd performance task to give this quarter.


The math department is working with Linda Dilger from the MCOE. Linda has now observed all math teachers and we had a discussion centered on student learning, common core, and the 8 mathematical practices for the common core standards. Discussion noted strategies designed to encourage learning, including pair share, multiple ways for students to show how to get an answer, and the gradual release model. Linda will be working with the Freshmen Algebra 1 teachers for the next few weeks.


Algebra 1 Team:

We assessed the integer quiz our students took and we finalized our 1st common formative assessment along with the first performance task to go along with the common assessment.

Algebra 2 Team:

We took a close look at our Chapter 1 test and made a plan to work with the students who are still struggling with linear equations.

Geometry Team: 

Ch. 2 Common Assessment and review, looked at student work, discussed pacing.


Discussed best ways to help struggling students understand integers.  Ideas: vocabulary, using a connection between money and having to lend or borrow money. Also discussed the Algebra 1 precourse common assessment, and the strengths and weaknesses of our students. Performance task discussion among UDM. Discussed the chapter 2 Geometry common assessment.