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Intervention & Opportunity - PLC


Database to automate appointment making for Parent-Teacher conferences. 


Filemaker Pro report exploration for Apex.


Parent-teacher conference scheduling using FileMaker Pro. Discussed approaches. Went over current scheduling process with Joan.


Worked on Filemaker Pro for student-parent-teacher conferences. Attempting to write script that will trigger a scheduling conflict message.


Looked for guidelines on how to show scheduling conflicts with FileMaker Pro for parent-student-teacher conferences.


Filemaker Pro and script for scheduling conflicts for parent teacher conferences.


Filemaker Pro for parent-student-teacher meetings. Focused on trying to find a way to automatically show scheduling conflicts.


Filemaker pro for parent-teacher conferences.


Block 9 data - attendance and grades. New opportunity students data and progress to date. (Koenig/Colvin)

Experimenting Filemaker Pro database for gathering and organizing Parent Teacher Conference info. (Sparkman)


Considered revision of the measurement of program success portion of the Apex report. Ran mock report with new criteria. Reviewed students that are particularly struggling in Apex courses, made a report based on last Apex report, and submitted names to the counseling department for consideration of intervention in the form of reassignment.


Made report on Apex students having difficulty completing their courses. Sent report to counseling to provide data that could be used when evaluating these students on a case by case basis.


Considered method and plausibility of creating future Apex reports on Filemaker Pro.


Looked into instant web publishing with FileMaker Pro for Apex reports.


Explored Filemaker Pro for Apex Report.


Looked at Illuminate data on CAHSEE results. Looked at preset reports; experimented with Excel downloads to rearrange data / color-code data. Data will inform direction of instruction before the next CAHSEE test in November.


Worked on measurement of success charts for Apex to accompany each report.


Reviewed High flyer google doc spreadsheet - the data collected and the data needed. Review high flyers and new high flyers - commonalities and next steps.

Considered interventions for students not making sufficient progress. I sent out an email with ideas to faculty involved in Apex in order to get feedback.


Worked on smart goal, a CAHSEE ELA common assement on word analysis, figurative meaning. The questions have been gathered and the answers have been entered into illuminate.

Analyzed High Flyers 9th grade list - attendance, cst's, grades, referrals creating SRT list - potential alt placement opportunity etc.


CAHSEE ELA Prep Common formative assessment smart goal and assessment preparation for Word Analysis, figurative language. (Focus on simile, metaphor, hyperbole, and personification). Smart goal written. Material for the assessment researched.


Filemaker Pro: discussed role in PBIS.

CAHSEE ELA: set up formative (common) assessment on illuminate on Word Analysis, Discovering Meaning (Prefixes and Suffixes).


Setting up Apex progress report 2012-2013.