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Fine Arts - PLC


We worked on finishing our common assessment for music theory, levels one and two. We talked about the level three assessments, and what steps we need to take in order to move forward with a plan to implement music theory levels 3-8, to include the ABRSM program. We are not sure which of the three high schools will offer AP music theory as a class, and our goal is to still move forward with teaching all levels of music theory and practical application so that with or without a class, students will still be ready to take the AP test during their senior year in high school.


Music:  We talked about the following: 1) Because Marina teaches both at MarHS and at three elementaries, we first talked about instrument issues with EIM. We discussed elementary curriculum and benchmarks. 2) We talked about high school beginning band and orchestra pacing guides and curriculum. However, our numbers are drastically different (9 to 45), so the pacing my be greatly effected. We also discussed the common assessment that will be administered next week.



1) Peer Observations. We would like to be able to visit each other's classrooms and observe. However, between our prep times and schedules, Theresa could see Maria's elementary classes for about 15 minutes on most days, and Maria can visit and observe the SHS choir class on A days. We will work on a plan to do this. 2) We shared and agreed upon a common assessment several weeks ago (all three high schools). This is a written music theory exam. We agreed to administer the assessment (page one) at the quarter, and page two at the semester. Students must complete the theory packets lessons 1-11 by the quarter, and lessons 12-30 by the semester. Second semester, students will do lessons 31-44 for the third quarter, and lessons 45-59 for the fourth quarter. 3) Common Core Performance task: we will work on this at our next meeting. All members will do some homework to prepare for this. 4) We had a phone conference with the other team members at MHS. We set a calendar of meetings and locations. This is a HUGE step for our group. We will also invite Gail Black, music teacher at CCHS. Though we seek to keep this a music group due to content, we will keep in touch with visual art teachers.