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Career & Technical Education - PLC


We discussed post advisory business and plans for next year.


We discussed how we are putting our grade books together and checking for common assessments int hat format.


Team members worked with Cohorts from other sites working on assessments and peer observation.


We worked on peer observation, John Young taught a CPR class and we were able to observe his methods and techniques in stating objectives and checking for understanding. His method was very insightfull and entertaining at the same time. We all learned a lot and all achieved our Red Cross CPR cards.


We did assessments of all the Opportunity students to help determine the next course of action for them to exit or remain.


Did finals review.


ROP teachers met with Riki Ross to align protocol and proceedures for expectations and consequences for Opportunity students. Also met with Rop teachers from other sites to work on common core standards.


Discussed peer observations and CTR core standards.


We worked on what our core standard are for our respective programs, We worked on our pathways concerning the articulation processes. we touched upon the gradebook processes and the grade cam usage.


Members had PLC meetings with members from other sites. We reviewed what other departments have been accomplishing and comparing what applied t0 CTE, this disscusion is to be continued at the next PLC meeting.


Clarified the use of PLC time for other types of meetings. Instructed PLC members to create new smart goals to be submited next week, asking clearly what we want our students to know.


We talked about the importance of keeping gradebook up to date and current so when parents check the parent portal every thing is up to date. Members adjourned to update their parent portals.


We talked about planning to collaborate with Monterey and Marina High CTE programs once a month.  Hayward shared her news cast video and it turned out to be an awesome video. The production was done very professionally and it was very informative and entertaining. The students did an outstanding job.


We worked on what our agenda may look like.  We use peer observation a lot in our ROP programs and our common assessments are pretty much in place with our CTE standards. We are looking at how to showcase what our students are learning showing the development of their common core task, Sams Construction Class is developing gardens and projects that benefit multiple classes, Hayward Perez is developing a newscast video team reporting on the goings on of SHS. Marcus Evans is developing his robotics class and John Young is talking about offering a free CPR class for SHS teachers. We are still looking into the Win Work Keys program which is the common assessment for CTE. We also discussed what a great beginning the Opportunity classes have started off with, full engagement bell to bell and great attitudes, the numbers are low so we could use more students.