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Course Syllabi


Teacher Course 
  English 1
  English 3 AP 
Harber English 4 AP
Harber English 10 Honors
McCreadie English 3 
McCreadie Expository Read & Write
McCreadie English 4
Mauro Intensive English 9
Mauro Intensive English 10
Mauro English 2
  English 2
  Intensive English 1/2
  ELD 4/5
Ozaki ELD 4/5
  English 1 Honors
  English 1 
Stone English 3
Stone English 2

Physical Education

Teacher Course
Williston Physical Education 1
Williston Physical Education 2
  Physical Education 1
  Physical Education 2


Teacher Course
Colonel Hurd JROTC 1/2/3/4
Sergeant Miller JROTC 1/2/3/4

Non-Departmental Electives

Teacher Course
Avila Scholar Athlete
Ross Leadership / Link Crew
  AVID 9
Brown Exploring Computer Science
  Applied Communication
Sparkman 21st Century Skills

Career Paths & Intervention

Teacher Course
Sparkman Credit Recovery - APEX

Special Education

Teacher Course
Brooker ESS English
Brooker ESS  World History
Brooker Tutorial Support
Chopyk ESS Math
Chopyk Tutorial Support
Chopyk Personal Management
Ventimilia Career Planning
Ventimilia ESS Science
Ventimilia Tutorial Support
Loomis Special Day Class - MOD
Songcuan Special Day Class - MOD

Social Studies

Teacher Course
Avila Health
Poss World Geography
Poss AP World History
Morales World History
Morales US History
Bourgeois World History
Bourgeois Civics
Bourgeois AP Government
Hansen Economics
Hansen Psychology
Hansen AP Psychology
Esaki AP Human Geography
Esaki US History
Esaki AP US History


Teacher Course
Haverstock Intergrated Math 1 
Contreras Intergrated Math 2
Contreras Intergrated Math 3
Brown Intro to Data Science
  Pre-Integrated Math 1
  Integrated Math 1
  Algebra 2
Phillips Algebra 2
Phillips Math Topics
Phillips Math Analysis
Ross Integrated Math 2
Scott Geometry
Scott AP Calculus
Stuart Pre-Integrated Math 1
Stuart Integrated Math 1
Youngs Pre-Integrated Math 1
Youngs Integrated Math 1


Teacher Course
Berry Chemistry
Laymon Biology 1
Laymon Ap Biology


Luchsinger Physics
Luchsinger Honors Physics
Gialketsis Biology 1
Gialketsis Ap Environmental Science

World Languages

Teacher Course
DeWitt Spanish 1
DeWitt Spanish 2
Lester-Guzman AP Spanish
Lester-Guzman Spanish 2
Lester-Guzman Spanish 3
  Spanish 1

Fine Arts

Teacher Course
Hruby Beginning Band
Hruby Intermediate Band
Hruby Advanced Band
Hruby Choir
Hruby Beginning Orchestra
Hruby Intermediate Orchestra
Hruby Advanced Orchestra
Hruby Piano 1
Hruby Piano 2
Ogden Drawing & Painting 1
Ogden Drawing & Painting 2
Ogden AP Art Studio and D&P3
Smith Drawing & Painting 1
Smith Photo 1-2
Smith Art History & Expression

CTE / ROP Electives

Teacher Course
Alexander Admin. of Justice 1
Alexander Admin. of Justice 2
Alexander Intro to Police & Fire 
Evans Intro to Eng Des
Evans Auto Tech 1 & 2
Evans Robotics 1 & 2
McKee Mill Cab/Furn
McKee Construction Tech
Deskin Jacobs Advance Computer Graphic Design
  Computer Graphic Design
  Tech Writing
Sorensen Culinary Arts
Sorensen Advance Culinary Arts 
Sorensen Intro to Hospitality
Young Health Careers
Young EMT
Young First Responders