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Brady Hollis

English Teacher

(Honors/English 1, Applied Communication)

Room: H-1
Extension: 2002 


missing-Student ID-14.jpg
Ryan Harber

English  Teacher

(Honors English 2, AP English 3)

Room: H-2
Extension: 2019


missing-Student ID-22.jpg
Della Limon

Academic Coach

Room: H-3
Extension: 2057

missing-Student ID-25.jpg
Robert McCreadie

English Teacher

(English 3, English 4, Expository Reading&writing)

Room: P-13
Extension: 2007


missing-Student ID-34.jpg
Loreen Ozaki

English Teacher & Academic Coach

(ELD 4/5)

Room: B-34 
Extension: 2012

photo place holder.jpg

Madisen Pacioni

English 3, Intensive English Teacher

Room: H-8
Extension: 2022


missing-Student ID-24.jpg
Tessa Mauro 

English Teacher

(Honors/English 2, Applied Communication)

Room: G-1
Extension: 2036


photo place holder.jpg

Ivaan Fernandez

English, Intensive English Teacher

(AP English 3, ELD 4/5, Intensive English 1/2/3)

Room: B-24
Extension: 2018 



photo place holder.jpg

Zachary Walker

Avid 10&11, and  English 1 Teacher

Room: P-9
Extension: 2008